Client Testimonials Explaining Benefits and Savings of Sitemark Ltd
There is no better reference than our clients
  • Excellent service from start to finish. Efficient assessment processes and clear reporting has enabled us to move forward on the recommendations to enhance our service. The Sitemark Team are professional and very supportive throughout. We had confidence in our service provision whilst accepting there is always room for improvement and we welcomed the opportunity for external professional scrutiny: the Sitemark Benchmarking has confirmed our service delivery as well as given us constructive advice for further improvement which we are grateful for.

    University of Reading
  • The Chase School has worked with Sitemark for over two years. They have provided bespoke advice and guidance based on our needs. Following a detailed review of cleaning across the whole site, they generated a comprehensive report which reviewed all necessary aspects. To enable us to focus on key areas, they provided an overarching summary, highlighting the areas which were more pressing. Over time, we have actioned their recommendations. As some internal processes were historic there was a probability they could have been difficult to implement. Sitemark listened to our concerns and were very helpful with suggested approaches. As a result, some actions were implemented with ease whilst others were phased over a period of time. We have always felt in safe hands and have fully respected their advice and guidance. If we were unsure of anything, they are continually proactive with responses and have gone to extra mile. Their team is helpful and proactive and we would not hesitate to recommend them!

    The Chase School
  • From the initial meeting, to the final signature on the contract, and beyond, i-Clean has been an invaluable asset in massively improving the efficiency of the cleaning at Haydon School. The cost saving of 36% has been more than we could have hoped for, and the quality of the cleaning has changed beyond recognition. Things now shine!

    Haydon School
  • i-Clean did exactly what they said they would do, we found them professional in their conduct and easy to do business with, providing an external independent perspective on cleaning standards which was very valuable. We were extremely satisfied in that the project was completed within the timeframe given and that the service gave value for money.

    HSBC Holdings plc
  • The service we received was second to none. I would recommend that any company who are thinking of going out to tender for their cleaning services, enlist the help of i-Clean. It takes away a lot of the stress and hassle with writing the specification and tender exercise.

    Dudley PCT
  • Working with i-Clean allowed us to analyse our current service provision and benchmark it, confidently, against the industry in general. Working with i-clean has facilitated a more productive management and indeed operational approach to the service we provide and transparency to our customers.

    University of Newcastle Upon Tyne
  • i-Clean responded perfectly to the brief they were given and gave us exactly the evidence we needed to decide how to proceed with our current cleaning contractors. The main benefits of the work carried out were an insight into the quality of the cleaning being done by the current contractors, quantification of the saving we might make if we went to tender and clear recommendations to re-negotiate with the current contractor as means of delivering value for money.

    Rydens School
  • The service provided was carried out by someone that had good knowledge of domestic services and the procedure and processes that go on in an Acute Hospital and was able to give us the satisfaction that we were carrying out procedures and giving value for money.

    The Queen Elizabeth Hospital Kings Lynn NHS Trust
  • Using i-Clean services saved us a lot of time, and ultimately, money. The final analysis provided to us was accurate, easy to understand and well presented. I would recommend their services wholeheartedly.

    Bettws High School Newport
  • There were technical challenges in abundance, the i-Clean Systems people understood what the different parties wanted from the consultation, and supplied the information for us to reach our decision on the final construction. i-Clean Systems were very professional in their approach, and they listened well when we explained our needs and interests, I am happy to make public our appreciation of their contribution.

    Mace Shard London Bridge
  • i-Clean Systems have given independent expert advice and handling of a very difficult situation during the tendering process. We now have expert monitoring of our cleaning contractor to ensure the standards promised are fulfilled.

    Rushcliffe School
  • i-Clean were very efficient and prepared a detailed report on their findings.

    Weston Area Health Trust
  • I have been very impressed with the work and detail i-Clean put into their cleaning audit. The advice and ideas subsequently given us will help improve the efficiency and standards of cleaning the school.

    Marling School
  • i-Clean offers a real practical and solution based approach. I could understand the training and it helped me. Some good ideas that make the job better and happier. They spoke my language, I understood them and it really helped.

    Rendcomb College
  • In terms of the ability and knowledge of the i-Clean Technical Manager who carried out the work we were extremely satisfied.

    University of East London
  • From the first contact with i-Clean we have been impressed with the attention to detail and level of service that everyone offers. The Operational staff carried out the surveys in a discreet manner and did not distract from our day to day business. The Cleaning Management System is easy to understand is pitched at the right level. We have been very impressed with i-Clean and would recommend their services to others.

    Darwin and Pride Shopping Centres Shrewsbury
  • A Fast, efficient value for money service from an unbiased perspective.

    North Warks and Hinckley College
  • We engaged i-Clean to support the tender management process and learn from their in-depth expertise. As a result of their great work, we have benefited from a very successful cleaning contract that delivers better quality cleaning for less cost. Our own team continues to use the procedures developed on other contracts in order to demonstrate best value to our own clients.

    Sandwell PCT
  • The i-Clean Systems consultant approached the review sensitively, displaying an in-depth understanding of the cleaning industry, as a result, he soon established a rapport with our cleaning operations manager, followed by good collaborative working. The conclusion reached independently, by i-Clean Systems, was that the Cleaning Services Unit is providing very good quality and value to the Council, in its cleaning of our headquarters buildings. Such a big thumbs-up reflects well on all those employed in, or managing, the Cleaning Services Unit

    Hampshire County Council
  • The University of Liverpool was fortunate to commission the services of i-Clean to support the review of its cleaning service in May 2014 and I cannot speak highly enough of their assistance. From the initial briefing meeting through to their final report, the professionalism of their work and more importantly their interaction with all levels of staff could not be faulted. I would recommend i-Clean to any organisation without hesitation. Their report was on time, detailed, logical, clear and concise and their recommendations were founded on research and expertise and therefore achievable. i-Clean were a pleasure to do business with and I would certainly engage them again in the future.

    University of Liverpool
  • We were extremely satisfied with the recent work carried out by i-Clean, particularly in terms of presentation of service and the ability and knowledge of the Technical Manager. The main benefits of the work carried out assured us that the cleaning services at Croydon University Hospital are cost effective and value for money. The service received was efficient and comprehensive and we would recommend i-Clean to others within the healthcare sector.

    Croydon University Hospital
  • We were very happy with the way the survey was conducted and the staff were very helpful & knowledgeable and were able to point out areas of deficiency which we can formally use to address training issues with our cleaning staff.

    Finham Park School
  • i-Clean will help out with any questions or queries, these are sorted out to our satisfaction. Have changed the programs to our needs.

    Loughborough University
  • i-Clean were able to support our requirements in relation to our in house service provision, and worked with us in relation to analysis of findings and subsequent forward planning. The benefits and cost savings identified as one of the outcomes of consultancy in reality will have covered our cost for this service in the first year. Products, suppliers and services, staffing hours and effective utilization were all in scope for consideration and have provided us with a clear action plan for both the immediate and long term future. A partnership approach was taken at the outset, enabling clear communications around expectations and ongoing review in relation to progress. This has been one our most successful partnerships, with more than hoped for in relation to outcomes. We will continue to work with i-Clean as we move forward with our cleaning provision and related solutions.

    Wirral Metropolitan College
  • The consultant from i-Clean Systems approached the contractor with tact. Now we have more cleaning done in the holiday periods, for the same money by the same contractor, and a more efficient working during term, using better methods and equipment. The service gain amounts to some 15% of the contract price. More than that, expert attention has been paid to health and safety aspects and we can demonstrate due diligence concerning the work done on site. Six-weekly review meetings with the contractor are helping us to sustain best value.

    BSix Sixth Form College
  • I was extremely satisfied in terms of the service giving value for money. I would recommend i-Clean as they were very efficient in their data collection, benchmarking of our services and the report was very usable to inform the Trust of issues around the Domestic Services Department.

    Burton Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
  • We use i-Clean Systems to confirm value for money from our existing contract; we are very satisfied with their work and would recommend their services to others within our sector.

    Bayer Business Services
  • We are extremely satisfied that the project was completed within the stated time frame by a professional/specialist company. i-Clean's knowledge confirmed issues that were previously only 'gut-feelings' and had practical solutions to address these issues. They provided a very satisfactory value for money service. We would use i-Clean again in the future.

    Katherine Lady Berkeleys School
  • Huntington School has been working with i-Clean for approximately 18 months. We have found i-Cleans services to be invaluable as we have undertaken a review of the schools cleaning provision. Following their initial comprehensive review of our cleaning i-Clean have worked with us in order to take the service in house from the Council. I-Clean have given us the necessary tools to do this professionally and ultimately produce a more efficient and cost effective cleaning service for the school.

    Huntington School
  • i-Clean Systems Ltd provide a very good service. Their Technical Managers are experts within their field, totally putting myself at ease and guiding me through my new role as Cleaning Manager. They are efficient in answering calls and queries, communication was nothing short of excellent.

    Saddleworth School
  • i-Clean provided a thorough report on our current cleaning operation to identify improvements and savings.

    City College Coventry
  • The production of a comprehensive specification and cleaning programme was quick, and it has stood up to significant scrutiny. The consultants assistance with the presentation of his findings and recommendations, including to staff groups, was hugely significant and helpful. The results have been most impressive. We now know that our team is not only doing an efficient and green job, but that we can prove it. This has brought a cost benefit to our retailers and a huge morale boost for us all.

    Meadowhall Shopping Centre
  • A complete and thorough inspection of the building which identified our cleaning requirements. This produced an excellent specification which made the tender process that much easier.

    UK IPO
  • This remarkable venue, enjoyed by the public as well as by RIBA members has to be 100% clean, we asked i-Clean Systems for help with this. An initial survey of our situation and the contractors work was followed by a full benchmarking exercise, using the i-Clean Cleaning Management System, negotiations followed, aligning procedures to the benchmark findings and resulting in much improved cleaning standards. We use 100% renewable energy, the reorganization of our cleaning contract enabled us to reduce our nightly energy consumption and reorganize our security arrangements resulting in significant reductions in cost and our carbon footprint. Throughout the process we have had the benefit of excellent support from the i-Clean Systems consultant.

    Royal Institute of British Architects
  • Our Board of Trustees needed an assurance that we had got the cleaning right, in both cleanliness and cost-effectiveness. After a wide-ranging review, i-Clean Systems concluded that our cleaning is of a high standard throughout and that it is being achieved cost effectively. Without the independence of the i-Clean Systems consultants, and their use of objective, benchmarked findings, we might have been accused of self-praise!

    The Royal Hospital for Neuro Disability
  • Confirming that we are obtaining value for money has given us accountability regarding our client and tenants. We were extremely satisfied with the way in which i-Clean conducted their review from the presentation of the initial service through to the knowledge of the i-Clean Technical Manager who handled the process. The project was completed within the agreed timeframe and was very good value for money. We would have no hesitation in using the i-Clean service in the future or recommending that others use it.

    P&O Estates
  • i-Clean presented a good service with a knowledgeable Technical Manager who carried out the work. They generated a clear comprehensive report with the opportunity for discussion, this enabling us to benchmark where we are on our cleaning. We would recommend their services to others within the sector.

    Gower College Swansea
  • i-Clean provided an independent view regarding the efficiency of our systems. A thorough report provided evidence of value for money together with achievable suggestions for improving the effectiveness of our cleaning systems.

    Hailsham Community College
  • i-Clean have provided an unbiased assessment of our domestic services, consisting of a very in depth and meticulous investigations which provided a clear & honest benchmark in relation to other NHS organizations. The report highlighted areas of concern which allows us to focus our endeavours and resources. Overall we were extremely satisfied with the work carried out and would be prepared to use i-Clean in the future.

    York Teaching Hospital Foundation Trust
  • i-Clean have a professional approach and a real understanding of the needs of a school cleaning operation. Although they were thorough in their review, the premises and cleaning staff came on board and did not feel threatened by the review.

    Davison CE High School for Girls
  • We wanted to review soft services provision, the cleaning of office interiors and all windows, washroom services and the maintenance of indoor and outdoor plants, for example, to our major occupancies in Manchester. That meant us considering the supply of services to 18 headquarters buildings, covering an area close to 93,000 sq m and housing 9,500 staff. We needed expertise regarding the cleaning, which has an annual budget of some £1.3million. i-Clean Systems helped us to evaluate our requirements for a specification for the tendering process. We were guided in specifying management control mechanisms, also for our use when the new cleaning contract went ahead. We achieved some good savings as well. Without the constant support of the very knowledgeable consultant assigned to us, it would have been a daunting process!

    Co operative Group
  • We had a limited knowledge of the cleaning tender management and specification process. We could not have achieved this excellent result without the help of i-Clean Systems. The specialist assigned to us managed the whole process, from specifying the requirement through to our selecting a new cleaning contractor. Despite the many demands on all our time he ensured that all project deadlines were kept.

    CGG Veritas Services UK Ltd
  • In terms of presentation of service, ability and knowledge and overall satisfaction, we were extremely satisfied with the recent work carried out by i-Clean, all the representatives were knowledgeable and worked well with our staff here on site, the information has allowed us to have confidence as in-house providers that we are providing the best we can with the resources we have and we would recommend their services. Thank you i-Clean.

    Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust
  • Now we have a fact-based formula with which we can manage our cleaning operations. Learning about the cost variations between different risk areas was, for me, the most remarkable outcome of the i-Clean review.

    Worcestershire NHS
  • As the headquarters for the Mayor and the Greater London Authority, it is essential that City Hall is kept up to as high a standard as possible. The GLA selected i-Clean Systems consultants because they were able to use benchmarking techniques to create a model, detailing the frequency and comparative difficulty of the cleaning tasks required.

    Greater London Authority
  • i-Clean provided an excellent service, able to book a meeting within a very short lead-time to discuss and view our problems. The Technical Manager had an array of knowledge and therefore able to give excellent advice on how to improve our cleaning throughout the building by reducing the amount of products used and confirming our intention to change cleaning equipment was for the better. They listened to our concerns and advised accordingly.

    Rushmoor Borough Council
  • I would recommend i-clean for an efficient and effective benchmarking exercise of the domestic services department and the built environment. The report was clear and well presented giving a comprehensive overview of the service delivery. The survey was conducted in a timely manner with full consideration to staff, patients and visitors.

    Queen Victoria Hospital
  • As a luxury retailer, our contractor plays an important role in preserving our reputation through delivering the highest standards of cleaning. Yet, their performance was becoming questionable and I was spending a disproportionate amount of my time on a day-to-day basis managing the contract. Having met i-Clean at a facilities event some years ago, I contacted them to undertake a benchmark review. Result: Cleaning standards have improved dramatically and we have received many positive comments. The recent audit evidenced 97% KPI score triggering the bonus payment, which the contractor shared between cleaning staff. Morale and staff retention is up and sickness and absence is down. The new contract is completely transparent, professional and properly managed eliminating the need for micro management. The project has been such a success that over the next 18 months we hope to replicate the process across all of our UK stores.

    Harvey Nichols, Knightsbridge, London
  • i-Clean presented their report within the given timeframe. The Technical Managers knowledge was very good and we would certainly recommend i-Clean services to others within the sector.

    St. Thomas More High School
  • i-Clean provided us with a professional service tailored to the needs of the Learning Community that will deliver real improvements at no additional cost.

    The Birley Academy
  • We were very satisfied with the quality of the service provided by iClean. The level of industry knowledge and practical hands-on experience helped us to benchmark our current cleaning practices and plan for the future.

    Great Yarmouth College
  • We have very high expectations, but i-Clean put on an impressive performance. The projects took about a year to deliver, but there was no depletion of standards in the process. The i-Clean benchmarking process enabled us to see the fuller picture and to develop a process for continual improvement, as every one of our tenants would expect. We have a new procedure for companies looking to work for us. Contractors are forwarded to i-Clean so they can learn about our business needs and be advised accordingly before the selection stage. i-Clean also manage our shortlisting process and support our tenders to ensure we work with the right contractors.

    Canary Wharf Estate
  • We are very pleased that this independent review demonstrates that we deliver a high quality service at a competitive price. This evidence will help us to retain our existing customers and hopefully win a few back. The RAG report of findings will also enable us to focus on areas for improvement to take our service to the next level.

    Nottinghamshire County Council
  • Sitemark identified a number of alternative segregation processes that could be applied to waste created in the college that will be simple to adopt, easy for the pupils / students to understand and will help improve the recycling rates achieved by the facility. The solutions are also designed to ensure there is no impact on nonteaching staff and internal bin configurations are consolidated. Through our engagement with Sitemark we can see that there are many opportunities to create a greener and more sustainable environment without compromising our cost reduction activities. We now understand all of the processes used in the end of life solutions through the extensive and unobtrusive investigations into our recycling and waste streams. We are particularly keen to engage the pupils and staff with solutions for disposable packaging used at lunchtimes which form a considerable percentage of the waste created in the college

    Brockington College
  • The benchmarking review identified that percentages of material being sent to non-recycling end of life solutions could be diverted to recycling solutions without too many changes to internal portering processes. The benchmarking review process also confirmed that there were opportunities to turn some streams into an asset of the Trust. Savings and rebates were identified over and above the cost of the process and these can now be invested back into other sustainability led projects. Through our engagement with Sitemark we have had an independent review of our recycling processes and we now fully understand where we have strong best practice processes and solutions in place. We have also been able to start looking at areas where we can improve our recycling performance and consider cost reduction programmes

    North Bristol NHS Trust
  • Working with the recycling and waste division of i-Clean Systems ensured that our recycling and waste activity and data was reviewed by an external and independent advisor. The benchmarking review strengthened our confidence in our own statistical information and confirmed that we have been adopting appropriate solutions. The process also opened our minds to additional, relatively easy to implement solutions whilst further embedding recycling in our office culture. A 100% recycling process is now an achievable vision for our organisation

    Buzzacott LLp
  • Our engagement with i-Clean Systems represented a very radical approach to reviewing our recycling and waste issues and position. The guarantee offered against cost reduction reduced the risk and exposure of the Trust to further costs. We can now implement many of the strategies and ideas that i-Clean have put forward to drive change and create a greener environment for our customers, staff and visitors to our numerous facilities.

    Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS
  • i-Cleans knowledge and hands on approach helped us really understand our waste and recycling flows and costs across the campus. This knowledge was incorporated into our new tender document to ensure potential contractors understood our expectations.

    London South Bank University
  • We have had confirmation that some of our solutions introduced historically are well ahead of many others in our acute sector of the NHS. At the same time, we have obtained exposure to additional opportunities to turn some of our streams into an asset of the organisation. We are now using price comparison sites to further engage with the circular economy and looking at methods of integrating the i-Clean findings into our daily service provision

    Mid Cheshire NHS Foundation Trust
  • Working with Sitemark who were recommended by others in the higher education sector, we were able to put a project plan in place that would enable us to make clear knowledge-based decisions in the future regarding recycling and waste strategies. We now have the ability to start managing our processes and requirements with additional strategies provided by Sitemark.

    Royal Veterinary College
  • Sitemark were able to demonstrate to the management team that some of the streams that we have been segregating for some time held a value in the commodity market place. They then obtained example rebates for the materials and some of the providers in the market place. We can now consider how to rearrange our infrastructure around this new approach and drive further change and improvement.

    The Open University
  • Working with i-Clean Systems opened my eyes to areas within a service requirement where the University could have been left very vulnerable without the input of a market expert. i-Clean were able to work to our time scales and provided a very positive contribution to the whole process from market analysis, developing the specification, developing tender documents, supplier shortlisting and technical tender analysis.

    University of Birmingham
  • The costs associated with recycling and waste have again been reduced and recycling rates are on the increase against a back drop of expansion in buildings and infrastructure. Through our work with i-Clean Systems we now have an independent verification of our data and more access to alternative solutions in the market place. This gives us confidence to move forward with our recycling vision and implement some of the other strategies that we and i-Clean have put forward

    University of Worcester
  • We have saved over 65% of our costs and are recycling 100% of this waste significantly improving recycling rates and the social corporate responsibility of this site. Through adopting an alternative transport solution we have also been able to further reduce the University carbon footprint. I am very pleased with the result, particularly as I didn't know this solution existed. Overall, it was definitely money well spent.

    University of Glasgow
  • Whilst we wouldn't usually look to turn a contract around in 6 weeks we did it with confidence, demonstrating good governance and a clear audit trail. Standards of cleaning have improved and our budget remained the same, which allowed us to add the cost of living increase. i-Clean will continue to support us under their Site Certification module, to reassure that our supplier is performing to the agreed service levels and to help us drive further improvement.

  • An extremely professional, thorough and productive review. The final presentation enabled us to forward plan strategically in order to improve efficiency and outcomes

    Rawlins Academy