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Chips. Not the spud kind: smart bins
How does tech have a role in recycling?
You're probably familiar with examples of near field communication (NFC) sensors on some of the packaging in shops and supermarkets. The same technology allows users to pay with their phones. Similarly, radio frequency identification chips or tags (RFIDs) are smart sensors used on bins to measure weights at source, driving recycling rates through better data collection. Quite simply, each has a unique ID and when the truck collects the waste, it weighs it, there and then.
Quick facts
  • Improves identification and traceability
  • Quicker, easier, accurate, billing and reporting processes
  • Might increase bin rental charges
  • Sitemark's benchmarking has shown a limited number of UK waste providers offer the service as standard
Smart bins have the ability to increase recycling rates in a demonstrable way, but UK providers need encouragement to offer it.
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