Mid Cheshire NHS Foundation Trust Case Study - Sitemark Ltd
Case study - Mid Cheshire NHS Foundation Trust
Recycling and Waste Review Leads to Expansion of Solutions
The Trust were looking for supplementary solutions to add to their recycling portfolio that would also lead to cost reduction and improve engagement with the circular economy. Additionally, the Facilities Team were looking to enhance their reporting system, and to obtain further data relative to specific recycling rates, to compliment some of the innovative solutions that they have developed.
Sitemark (formerly i-Clean Systems) were engaged to undertake a recycling and waste benchmarking review across the sites, which included satellite facilities, within the portfolio. The process examined all submissions, including invoices and standard operational reporting procedures, along with several visual inspections of internal and external infrastructure and containers.
Through the resulting report and visual inspections, the Trust recognised that more of the material they have been producing is recyclable. This has led to the Trust considering changes in the configurations of its containers and the way these are managed via the relevant Teams. Opportunities to engage with alternative solutions have presented themselves, including methods of expanding organic clearances from the site.
"We have had confirmation that some of our solutions introduced historically are well ahead of many others in our acute sector of the NHS. At the same time, we have obtained exposure to additional opportunities to turn some of our streams into an asset of the organisation. We are now using price comparison sites to further engage with the circular economy and looking at methods of integrating the i-Clean findings into our daily service provision"
Tricia Edwards – Waste Monitoring Manager
The Trust provides healthcare to approximately 300,000 people across Cheshire, with more than 4,500 staff. The Trust is registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC), without conditions, and provides a comprehensive range of acute, community, maternity, child health and intermediate care services. The Trust’s Estates & Facilities Division is a Non-Clinical Division that supports four Clinical Divisions, as well as community services,by providing a range of services to maintain and improve the environment whilst the Corporate Division delivers a full range of back office functions.
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