Brockington College Case Study - Sitemark Ltd
Case study - Brockington College
Recycling and waste benchmarking review opens additional recycling solutions and opportunities to engage pupils and staff in the process
The college has been struggling to embed additional recycling solutions over and above some of its paper waste despite fundamental awareness of the pupils and staff to its obligations to improve the planet. The college would like to improve its recycling rate and work towards becoming a "Zero to Landfill" establishment.
Brockington College engaged the services of Sitemark (formerly i-Clean Systems) to undertake a Recycling and Waste Review to understand more about the material they were disposing of and to identify a set of strategies and improved solutions that could be applied to that material.
Sitemark identified a number of alternative segregation processes that could be applied to waste created in the college that will be simple to adopt, easy for the pupils / students to understand and will help improve the recycling rates achieved by the facility. The solutions are also designed to ensure there is no impact on nonteaching staff and internal bin configurations are consolidated.
"Through our engagement with Sitemark we can see that there are many opportunities to create a greener and more sustainable environment without compromising our cost reduction activities. We now understand all of the processes used in the end of life solutions through the extensive and unobtrusive investigations into our recycling and waste streams. We are particularly keen to engage the pupils and staff with solutions for disposable packaging used at lunchtimes which form a considerable percentage of the waste created in the college"
Beverley Cuppelditch - Brockington College
Brockington College, a Church of England Academy, is committed to serving its community by providing an education of the highest quality within the context of Christian belief and practice. The college is at a very exciting time as they converted to Academy Trust Status in 2012 and subsequently resolved to change age range from 11-14 to 11-16 status.
As a community college many local groups use the college for their functions and meetings as well as the All Weather Pitch.
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