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Shake up for the smelly waste!
Shake up for the smelly waste!
The Government is planning separate, weekly food waste collections for every household by 2023. The purpose is to increase recycling rates, minimise the onslaught of pests and flies, attracted by the stench of our rotting food waste and, therefore, reduce volumes to landfill. This will particularly benefit urban areas where space for bins can be an issue.
Also under consideration is a free garden waste collection which, currently, is often chargeable within the council tax. Plans are being set out to standardise the materials collected by local authorities and service providers, with a view to ending confusion over what is permitted in different regions. A wise move, but long overdue perhaps.
There is no doubt that these measures will be much welcomed by householders and businesses alike and help speed up the removal of our malodorous matter. In addition to the Government's 2035 target of recycling 65% of municipal waste, with max. landfill aimed at 10%, the problem of litter is also on their radar. Everyone will be encouraged to return their drinks bottles and cans under a proposed Deposit Return Scheme. Those of us over a certain age may well have a sense of deja vu?...Wasn't that always a good idea?
Quick fact check
  • More frequent collections, increase recycling rates and less waste to landfill
  • Householders could save £100m per year in green waste charges
  • How will Councils compensate for the loss in revenue?
  • Will the Government clarify and monitor how food waste will be treated?
There is a great opportunity for everyone to help reduce waste, by the addition of a food waste collection and, potentially, that of free garden waste also; additionally, for the standardisation of recyclable material collections. Genuine targets are vital, but only effective when adequate and efficient monitoring is put in place. May we once again witness the huddle of excited children in the local shop/supermarket, waiting to collect their pocket money in exchange for empty cola cans? Hmmm...
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