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Shooting for our planet, not the stars
Shooting for our planet, not the stars
Their Royal Highnesses, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, are utilising their Royal Foundation to promote The Earthshot Prize, which you may have seen on TV recently, with Prince William and Sir David Attenborough introducing us to the concept.
The Prince has described Earthshot as 'the most prestigious global environment prize in history, designed to incentivise change and help repair our planet over the next 10 years'.
Five Earthshot Prizes are awarded each year, over the next 10 years, and the categories are: Reviving the Oceans, Restoring and Protecting Nature, Fixing the Climate, Clean our Air and Build a Waste-free World.
Obviously, Sitemark has a particular interest in helping organisations better manage recycling and waste, and we think that UK companies who apply revolutionary thinking to how they reduce, reuse and recycle, can have a massive impact on the fifth Earthshot category: Build a Waste-free World, but also influence the principles of the other four.
What action can we take?
  • Consider how waste, in all forms, enters your organisation and how you can stop this.
  • Encourage site users to think about taking responsibility for their personal waste.
  • Make recycling easy, by providing individual bins for more streams, e.g, glass and aluminium cans.
  • Encourage better partnerships with your waste service providers.
The Prince has said that we need to 'harness our ingenuity and our ability to invent some of this out'. We agree; ultimately, we all have a responsibility to take positive and proactive action to save Earth.
More information on The Earthshot Prize can be found by clicking here
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