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Recruiting FM staff has never been easy, but it's about to get a lot harder
Recruiting FM staff has never been easy, but it's about to get a lot harder
A recent report by the Recruitment & Employment Confederation has highlighted the current recruitment crisis affecting a significant number of sectors. Despite the furlough scheme due to end in September, we're currently experiencing the worst labour shortage since 1997 and staff availability has fallen at the quickest rate on record. Supply chains are becoming more expensive and, at worst, are breaking down; this is expected to get worse over the autumn and winter months.
There are significant shortages of labour in logistics, food manufacturing and hospitality, which are the sectors that often compete directly with FM. Of course, we're also now feeling the effects of Brexit, which will continue to push up wage inflation, and which typically makes up more than 75% of facilities costs, plus Covid-19 has complicated procedures to apply for and obtain work permits for those that qualify.
So, what can be done? Here are a few areas you might want to consider:
  • Work to get your existing staff engaged so they don't job hop. Ask them how happy they are and how you could make their job more rewarding.
  • Offer real visible opportunities to move up and into other FM roles.
  • Look at investing in the latest equipment so they're able to work smarter not just harder
  • Offer staff an introduction fee for any that successfully recommend a new recruit.
  • Look at your job ads: are they really selling the position? Yes, it's important to define the tasks in a job description but are you really selling the 'Why'? - Facilities operatives exist to provide safe, hygienic, and pleasant environments for students, patients, shoppers, office workers, etc so that organisations can thrive. Remember the janitor who helped put man on the moon?
  • Fuel costs are rising so each shift costs more to get to. Could you employ less staff for more hours to overcome this?
  • Consider consolidating the management of FM services to create more roles that qualify for Skilled Worker Visas (e.g., facilities, estates, and property managers) so they can better manage, develop, and retain the workforce?

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