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The Plastic Pollution Pandemic Problem
The Plastic Pollution Pandemic Problem
We've all seen the news stories about the amount of plastic polluting the world's oceans; it's an undeniable fact that this environmental disaster is completely manmade. There is also evidence that the Covid-19 pandemic and the demand for PPE has exacerbated the issue. What can we do in our work environments to eradicate this form of pollution?
There are essentially seven plastic types, but before we malign its use, we must admit that the rise in plastic has been driven by its appealing features: it is a cheap, durable, lightweight product, which has been used for about a century. However, since the end of World War II, the use of plastic products has risen beyond all imagination. This rise and the creation of single-use items has caused the environmental crisis we must collectively confront.
Think about:
  • What types of plastic you encounter in your workplace?
  • How are these plastics getting there?
  • What category of plastic are they?
  • How can you influence plastic reduction in your work environment?
Finding solutions to the overuse of plastic is not easy; alternatives to plastic, such as compostable packaging, have their own set of disposal issues (read our blog Food for thought: Compostable packagaing) or deplete already struggling natural resources.
Ultimately, the most effective way to deal with plastic disposal is prevention. Stop it entering the work environment by seeking creative substitutes and encouraging better choices.

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