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Office downsizing...are you equipped?
Office downsizing...are you equipped?
The coronavirus pandemic has required businesses to re-think how much office space they actually need now that working from home has become the new normal option for, traditionally, office-based staff. For service providers, with the reduction in floor space comes redundant equipment, which can't be used on new contract.
So, how can this be avoided? An option is to lease equipment. Leasing allows providers to keep equipment innovation very much constant; manufacturers are keen to keep their brand in the spotlight and focus heavily on research and development, which in turn allows providers to stay current, and productive, with their choices of equipment.
Lease agreements are flexible thus allowing you to upscale or downsize based on your needs. Also, with a well-prepared lease agreement you should never have any equipment that is not working for more than 24 / 48 hours.
Benefits to leasing verses purchasing:
  • Fully supported by supplier
  • Next day delivery
  • 24 /48 hour repair following reported breakdown
  • Flexibility to downsize or upscale based on needs
  • Flexibility to change equipment based on new innovations to the market
  • Site survey to ensure correct selection from start of contract
As part of your next tender, consider a lease option, and enjoy a hassle-free equipment mobilization for your new contract.
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